British Tourist Kidnapped, Tied Up and Beaten Black and Blue in Mirpur

A British Tourist who came to Mirpur City of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan to find how so many people hailing from Mirpur District arrived in UK. But unfortunately the man got kidnapped in Mirpur, Pakistan. Later when he was found by police, he had suffered the worst beatings that had ever been seen.

Police started investigation of the case, when asked from him, why he was beaten so badly, he said “those kidnappers kept asking my name so I told them, then they just started to beat me. The more I said my name, the harder they beat me. I don’t understand, I told them the truth.”

When police asked him, what is his name, he told them “my name is, Mickey Marrow.”

Guys you always complained about the news, that here mostly the news are about of Accident, Killings, murder, fraud, drug dealing, rape, and there is not good news.

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May Allah Bless All of Us and the man Mickey Marrow as well. 😉