British Pakistani, Salina Zafar, 26, Qualifies for finals of Miss Universe

This 26-year-old diva is a graduate in real estate and on her way to qualifying as a chartered surveyor. She works full time in London and has always had an interest in the world of art.

Salina, Who will be fundraising for the charity, A-sisterhood, which supports the advancements of women world wide.

She is working for the inequality issue with in employment and aims to reduce the gender gap within the property profession.She is also working with different local organisations on the issue of ethnic minority who are encountering domestic violence.

She ultimately aims to bring a policy change as well as opportunities that will transform and empower the lives of all females in their chosen professions, through her charitable contributions and raising awareness in the community.

The 11th Miss Universe, Great Britain this year is more than just a beauty pageant, as it operates a NOT IN VAIN Campaign as part of the competition which aims to acknowledge the efforts and calibre of the women who make it to the finals.

Finals are being held on the 13th of July 2019 in Wales.