British Pakistani Couple, Claims Up to £27,000 a year in Benefits

Mohammed Salim and his wife Noreen who together have 11 children and live in four-bedroom house in Rochdale Claims Up to £27,000 a year in Benefits.

Mohammed Salim he don’t need to work as he is being paid much from in the benefits. than working minimum wage. He has not worked for the last 10 years and living life on Benefits to upkeep of his children.

During an interview he said, he is not guilty or don’t think himself irresponsible for his 11 children, he said, I don’t believe in contraception, I am following Allah’s first command,

Go Forth and Multiply.

Mohammed Salim said he is a qualification and has real work experience, but is still unemployed, and this is the reason he is living on benefits, it is not his but the systm’s fault.

Family of 13 spends, £300 on on food only, they get £500 a week as benefits, which is not enough, says Mohammed Salim.

Along with shopping and other house hold stuff, his children wants modern gadgets, with 11 children there are so many events to celebrate, like their Birthday, Eids and other religious festivals, almost every month there is thing going on.

Original News Source: MEN