British Pakistani citizens should have to show 18000 Pounds Before Applying for Spouse visa it is unfair, Naz Shah

Naz Shah, a kashmiri british said, that she will fight for the rights of the Asian community overseas.

She added that people who marry someone from back home should not have to show such a huge amount as it is unfair.

This is a violation of basic human rights, and the government should look into this matter.

She will act as a voice of the entire community in the parliament.

She is thankful for the people of Bradford who supported her in the general elections.

This was her first election, and Allah had her back, and now she will work for the Muslim community and voice their issues.

There is 70% Asian community in Bradford and I was told I could not win, but I worked hard and the people decided to vote for me, said Naz Shah.

She added that she is proud to announce that she has roots in Chakswari Azad Kashmir.

To answer a question she said, that she will also fight for the right of British Pakistani woman who are brought from Pakistan, and she will try to help them in every way possible.