British National Conned by two Brothers for 60 lacs in Islamghar, Azad Kashmir

A British National Living in Islamghar was conned by two brothers for 60 lacs.

The Union Council in Kaneli heard, that Raja Mohammed Son of Raja Adalat, was conned by two brothers of 60 lacs.

The British National shared his story at the Islamghar Press Club, that he moved back to his hometown from UK to work.

He works in livestock from the past five years, and was conned by two brothers.

He first met Sajid Virk son of Ahmed din, resident of Phali. They came into a business agreement, where Mr. Sajid took the animals for livestock purposes, and promised the British National he will pay him half. As soon as he took they away, he sold them and refused to pay a dime. They argued and money was demanded, but there was no progress made.

Then his brother Ilyas Ahmed din, showed up at his house, and started bad mouthing his brother, he talked the British return into his trap.

He even made him talk to his “Peer” (Spiritual guide) who talked to him a few times, enough that they both talked him into giving Mr. Ilyas money and animals. Along with his tractor and lorry, which he got back later.

He reported him to the police, who arrested Mr. Ilyas and he told them he lied about the spiritual guide, and asked someone to pretend to act as one.

Both the brothers conned him in the name of business and spiritual path. Over the period of one year, they conned 60 lacs out of him.

The British National would like to appeal to the Prime Minister and other high officials of Azad Kashmir to resolve his issue, and help him in getting his money back.