British Man’s Wife from Islamgarh Kidnapped at Islamabad Airport

British Man’s Wife along with her Brother and Father Kidnapped at Islamabad Airport.

Young girl resident of Islamgarh was married to a British Nationality Holder Man. After marriage her Husband sponsored her to United Kingdom on Visit. Yet they have to register their marriage case and apply for Marriage Visa. But husband decided to sponsor his wife to United Kingdom.

Girl went to UK after her husband sponsored her to United Kingdom, but soon after she joined her In Laws in United Kingdom, she came back to Pakistan. Her family members including her Brother and Father arrived at Islamabad Airport to receive her but all of them disappeared from Airport.

Despite all efforts no one can trace them. Their barrister who also accompnaied them from Islamgarh, Mirpur to Islamabad Airport to receive girl tried to search them, but with no success. Later police was informed, who also tried searching for them but with no results. Their Barrister from Islamgarh came back to Islamgarh and started a campaign for recovery of Girl, her Brother and Father.

This incident left community with many questions, like why young girl made her trip short and decided to came back suddenly.