British Family, Tania Yousaf, 23, and her Parents, Shot Dead in ‘Divorce Revenge’ in Pakistan

Mohammad Yousaf, 51, his wife Pervaze, 49, and their 23-year-old daughter Tania from Nelson, Lancashire, were on a visit to Gujrat, Pakistan, to attend a family wedding when they were shot dead by armed men.

As per Pakistan Police, attackers were led by Khusheed Arif, who was enraged after learning his sister Nabeela was being divorced by Mr Yousuf’s son Kamar.

Mohammad Yousaf’s son Kamar Yousaf had and arrange marriage with his cousin, about 10-years ago and had two daughters, nine-month old Harris and three-year-old Arien. They separated recently and had attended court earlier to finalise divorce.

The dispute over the failed marriage had caused tensions within the family, but after divorce Mohammad Yousaf kept girl (his sister’s daughter) with in his home.

Yousaf family had travelled to Pakistan to attend the wedding of one of their other sons, 24-year-old Asad, and had stayed for few more days in the country to enjoy a holiday.

The brothers of the girl thought the divorce proceedings were an insult to their family.

The attack took place at 1pm, Pakistani time, (9am GMT), at a graveyard in Mararyian village in Rehmania, Gujarat, Pakistan, where Yousaf family visited the grave of one of their relative.

The gunmen, who were all believed to be brothers, shot Mr and Mrs Yousaf with Kalashnikov rifles, before dragging Tania from the family’s car and killing her.

“After dragging Tania from the car, they [the attackers] made her call her husband for help on her mobile phone,” he said.

“The call connected but before Tania could explain to her husband what was happening, she was killed – with him still listening on the line.

Her husband heard his wife beg for her life, ‘she begged for her life and begged for her children and said she needed her two little boys’, before the sound of more machine gun fire as they took her life. She was shot more than 100 times.

Tania, who was also married with two young boys, had worked as a clerical assistant at business solutions firm Liberata in Nelson.

She had been granted a month’s leave and was due to return to work next week.