British Family looted by Robbers after Landing at Islamabad Airport on way to Mirpur

Talib Hussain and his family who were traveling from Islamabad Airport to their native home town in New Jabbar, Khari Sharif, District Mirpur, were looted by robbers in Police uniform at Domeeli Mor area of Pakistan.

According to details, Talib Hussain along with his wife and children land on Islamabad Airport form UK and on their way to Mirpur they were stopped by “Policemen” on a check point at Domeeli. When they stopped their vehicle, policemen who were actually robbers wearing police uniform took money, mobiles, gold and all other stuff from family.

This is a second robbery in this month, in which British Pakistani Families hailing for Azad Kashmir are looted by robbers. Neither Azad Kashmir Police nor Interior Ministry is paying attention on this issue.

British Pakistanis who came to Pakistan bearing all expenses of travel and other stuff by their hard earn money are treated this way.

This is the reason not British Pakistani families have stopped coming to Pakistan instead they prefer to spend money their money on middle eastern countries’ visits.

Authorities need to pay attention on such issue and think about the protection of British Pakistanis and provide them safe environment to travel.