British Boy Qasim Razzaq, 22 died in Traffic Accident in Kotli AJK

22 years old Qasim Razzaq s/o Ch Abdul Razzaq resident of Bordesley Green area of Birmingham and back home from Easser in Chakswari town of Mirpur died in Car Accident last day in Kotli District of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

According to details, 22 years old young man named Qasim Razzaq who came from UK about 2 weeks ago to visit his family/parents in Mirpur AJK. He went to Gallar Galla Shirne (Darbar) with his Father and Mother in their Car on 26 August 2014. On they way back from Shrine in Fatehpur Thakiala, when their car, which was driven by father of Qasim named Ch Abdul Razzaq, reached at Targal Area of Kotli, it fell into a deep ditch while taking turn on a narrow road.

Qasim Razzaq was on front seat of Car, when car window of Qasim’s seat was broken, he fell down from car in to deep ditch and fell on a Cheerh Tree. Car rolled down afterwards and fell upon him on tree.

Qasim Razzaq received serious injuries. There was no hospital nearby accident spot. Pakistan Army men took injured Qasim, in their medical camp for first Aid. But Qasim Razzaq could not survive and died in army camp.

When news broke in home town of Qasim, dozens of his relatives arrived on accident spot and took his dead body with them. Luckily, Father and Mothers of Qasim Razzaq did not received any injury.

3 Uncles of Qasim came from UK to Mirpur, Pakistan after to attend his funeral. Funeral Prayer of Qasim was offered in his home town in Easser Graver yard in Chakswari, Mirpur on 27 August 2014.

Hundreds of People were present at his funeral. He was the only son and brother of 3 sisters.


Qasim Razzaq and Car Accident.

Qasim Razzaq and Car Accident.