Boxer Amir’s sister Tabinda Grabbed Faryal’s Hair and Slapped her

AMIR Khan’s wife has claimed the boxer’s sister slapped her and pulled her by the hair while she was eight months pregnant in a bitter family feud over her Western clothes. Model Faryal Khan spoke out today after weeks of a public slanging match.

Faryal accused Amir’s older sister Tabinda of pulling her hair and slapping her head during a long-running family row.

Today she lifted the lid on the toxic row saying she grew tired of biting her lip while her husband’s family – dad Sajjad, mum Falak, brother Haroon and sisters Tabinda and Mariyah – abused her since their marriage in 2013.

Faryal claims Amir’s sister Tabinda who lives just a block away from their house in Bolton was filling the parents’ heads and she always lived at their house instead of her own home, she was very controlling and once she said to faryal:

You’re supposed to live with your husband Amir but at any excuse all you do is f*** off to your mum’s in New York.

Buy Faryal replied to Tabinda:

You are also married and are supposed to live with your husband at his house, but you are always here at your mum’s house.

It was then:

She grabbed my hair and slapped my head. I was 8 months’ pregnant. I told Amir but he didn’t believe me because he couldn’t believe me.

Original News Source: Daily Mail