Boxer Amir Khan set for launching reality TV show “At Home With The Khans”

Boxer Amir Khan is set for his own Kardashian-style reality TV series after his wife’s dramatic Snapchat rant against his family. Amir Khan sat down yesterday to answer questions from reporters and revealed there could be some truth to the rumours of a KARDASHIANS-style TV programme called “At Home With The Khans” where cameras will follow the family his Parents, Brother, Sisters, Wife and Daughter.

Aamir said, nowadays people see the Kardashian show, a lot of people see other TV shows, but no one has ever seen a Desi show. Amir Khan and Faryal have both said nothing has be agreed yet, their team is still in talks with the Sky channel Booom TV.

Forget the Kardashians — keeping up with the Khans is a harder task than any.

Faryal’s Snapchat saga was ripe for reality TV, it can surely be no coincidence then that Amir and Faryal seem to be launching their first ever reality show.

The couple look to have teamed up with new Sky channel Booom TV for a KARDASHIANS-style programme called “Home With The Khans”. Channel put a picture on their Instagram account of Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom posing together with status, “Coming soon on @BooomTVUK #HomeWithTheKhans”. But that picture of the couple is deleted.

Khan said, “I think if it does happen, honestly my life is so all over the place so its quite exciting. I talk about it to people and they are like wow you should bring a TV show out.”

Khan said, a lot of people would love to see how a Desi family typically lives at home.

Source: The Sun