Boxer Amir Khan Blackmailed by Hamza Din, 27, for S*X tape and Demanded Money

Hamza Din, 27, of Middlesbrough, threatened Boxer Amir Khan for the leak video that purported to show him having *** with a woman in a hotel room.

Hamza Din, 27, made a very poor attempet leaving behind tracks which led to arrestd him by police. Hamza Din email to Boxer Amir Khan claiming to have footage of him with woman in bed.

Below is the content of email sent by Hamza Din to Boxer Amir Khan for Blackmailing for video On March 22, 2016.

I have a video which may be of interest to you. It’s a recording of Amir Khan and a girl at a hotel room in Newcastle. I will be going to the media with this video unless you can match the fee offered. This video is 100% real and if no response is made within the next few days I will be sending the footage.

Boxer Amir Khan and his representative did not replied back to him, Neither Hamza Din tried to follow up the reply nor asked for the amount for video.

Hamza Din, created a new fake email with name “Harry Dean” but linked his original email as an alternative email to this fake email.

Police traced him out after raided his home in Middlesbrough, where he is living with his mother. Police seized his computer, laptop and all other gadgets, but they could not found any video, actually Boxer Amir Khan was blackmailed for the video which never existed.

Hamza Din who suffers from bi-polar disorder and is the only carer of his mentally ill mother was given a suspended sentence for the blackmail charges by Bolton Crown Court.

Source: Sun