Boxer Amir Khan benevolently donate computers to institutes of Mirpur

Internationally respected Amir Khan visited district of Mirpur and announced that he shall provide commuters to educational institutes of Mirpur. What a generous man!

Amir Khan upon his arrival at Mangla was greeted with zeal and zest by large number of people. Drums were played and slogans were sung in his praise. From there in form of a big group led by Chaudhry Javed Kadir and Chairman Allah Ditta, he visited and paid homage at Darbar of Hazrat Pirah Shah Gahri and Hazarat Miyah Ganjh Baksh.
During his route he visited many educational institutes and at all of them he announced commuter technology will be given to these institutes. He took many pictures with students, teachers, members of Muslim League N which are currently circulating electronic media and newspapers. He explains his reasons were to ensure students learn how to move in current computer frenzied world without trouble.Everyone was very very happy to see him in person.

Amir Khan has such a huge number of fans, that when he and his fans were breakfasting at Muhmmad Shafiq Hussain Ganjua’s house food ran out! He had a very busy day touring Ghari Sharif and was the guest of Chaudhry Javed Kadir at night. The people of Mirpur eagerly await for his next visit.