Bolton is Very, Very Backward, its like a Small Village : Faryal Makhdoom

Boxer Amir Khans wife said, Bolton is very, very backward, as compared to New York it’s a small village. Where many women marry into a traditional Muslim family, they don’t just move in with their husband but often with his unmarried sisters, brothers and parents, too.

When tensions start between Bride, and her Mother in Law or Sister in Laws, then its always the bride’s fault.

Faryal said, after she spoke out against In Laws, so many girls who are residents of Bolton have come up to me and shared their problems they had with their in laws. Many of them are divorced and or single mothers just because their husbands divorced them after having issues with in laws.

Faryal said, she is lucky as her husband Amir supported her, or else she would be divorced and single mum, as her mother in law Falak tried her best for their divorce.

It just because of lack of education, even its not the religious problem, some relegious familes are turned out to be very sophisticated.

Faryal toll all those victim girls of in laws that they are not alone, “I am with you”. She asked them to came forward and speak out.