Boxer Amir Khan’s Mother asked to Divorce Faryal Makhdoom, while his sisters Attacked her

Faryal Makhdoom wife of British boxer Amir Khan claims that her in-laws have abused her. She took to Snapchat and raised voice against her in-laws and domestic violence she was facing after her marriage.

Faryal Makhdoom raised a million eyebrows by telling them what she has faced. Last night, Makhdoom shared some VERY PERSONAL snaps (with text on them) on her SNAPCHAT.

Surprisingly, this outburst was the first ever from the wife of boxing champ, Amir Khan her fans were shocked.

Don’t get your sons married if you’re going to abuse and bully the wife”, Faryal writes in her first Snapchat of the series.

Faryal made clear that her husband Aamir had no part in the domestic abuse and that it was only her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law that regularly abused and that her sister in law came to attacked the her.

She also reported that her husband Amir Khan was also a victim of his family’s hatred, saying “My husband has done far more than any son has done; and far more than any brother has done. But, why is he treated so bad? Jealousy? Hatred for his wife? That’s disgusting”.

Faryal also reported that her mother-in-law had asked Amir to divorce her when she was 9 months pregnant; but the boxer still stood by his wife’s side, and his family called him out for it.

Khan’s wife did not specifically state that the messages were about her in-laws, but they were interpreted as such by her numerous followers and heavily hinted at by Makhdoom, who also shared a screenshot of her sister in-law’s apparent online abuse of her.