Blood turned white, after blood related sister burned down blood related brothers house

Mian Mohammed town, is where brother Mohammed Aslam Majeed lived, and his house was burned to the ground.

Thankfully no-one was injured during the process.

They entered by breaking the lock on the main door, and then broke into each and every room in the house to shower it with petrol. The house was lit on fire, and it caught every inch of the house.

All the furniture, and plastic chairs were burned to crisp.

Someone reported the fire, and the fire brigade reached soon. After a few minutes they were able to take hold of the fire.

The residents of Mian Mohammed Town gathered around the house, according to sources.

The residents gathered, and watched the fire brigade take control of the fire, and later checked the rooms.

The fire destroyed everything they had, and sources say it was his sisters doing. The fire destroyed the entire house, but thankfully no-one was hurt in the process.

SHO Farooq Ahmed and police beat sub inspector Raja Mohammed Yaseen, from New City Police Station arrived at the crime scene.

The incident was reported and investigation started.

The local residents want the culprits to be punished so nothing of this sort happens again.