Blood Gone White, as Man Fired his Gun at Real Brother Over Money and Property Dispute

Blood went white, as own brother fired at brother over a property dispute.

Give and take, and inheritance dispute arises between brothers, as one of them fired a gun at the other one.

Bloodshot eyes of brother who fired at his own brother over a property dispute.

Baryaal, shots fired were heard during the evening, when one of the brothers showed up at his brothers place and started firing his gun.

His brother was not injured but his grandson Ali Ahmed, who is in 8th grade, along with Anwar Ali were critically injured.

They were both taken to the hospital, where they are currently being treated.

The issue is over 1 lack 33 thousand in cash, and some inheritance dispute, that cause a brother to fire on his real brother.

Afazalpur police station has issued an arrest warrant for the man, and is raiding different parts to find him.