Biometric system of recording doctor movements in and out of hospital

Doctor General Health Drpartment Dr Mehmood Khan discussed the ongoing medical practices in Azad Kashmir and how technological advancements are being incorporated into field of medicine.

Hospitals in Azad Kashmir will have bio-metric system to note arrival and leaving of doctors. In addition doctors’ performances will be reviewed on a day to day biases. Army doctors in Azad Kashmir are not being authorized by the army to undertake private practice. In Azad Kashmir all patients are treated equally and given due medical care that is why if Army doctors are allowed to have their own private practice then the balance will shift.

Doctor General Health Department Dr Mehmood Khan in a press conference talk show with Saeed ur Rehman shared his opinions. He said that the Paramedical staff going on strike is viewed very seriously in Azad Kashmir. In the field of health and medicine, there is no room for strikes and participating in civil disobedience. Doctors have dedicated their life to the betterment of common man. He warned any doctor who held his own private practice will be punished.

He told Saeed ur Rehman that there were three medical colleges in Azad Kashmir and now Government Medical College too will be opened. In all four provinces health care facilities are most advanced in ours. For this we thank the government that appoint us appropriate budget.We have no cases of dengue or polio.

Not only working in hospitals we doctors are collaborating with the government to ensuing that sale of salt that has no iodine will be banned. Laws regarding illegal sale of counterfeit medicines too under construction. In these matters the government has been very cooperative and soon allow will be passed.

Hearing these ongoing policing formation efforts we cant help but be proud of our doctors who work so effortlessly to ensure our wellbeing.