Bilal Mahruf, 25, A Class Drug Dealer, Jailed for 4 years in Bradford

Bilal Mahruf, 25, resident of Southfield Square, Manningham, Bradford, he was caught by police with more than £1,000 worth of heroin and cracked cocaine. He is sentenced for 4 years in jail.

Co-Partner Irfaan Tariq, 23, resident of Alexander Road, Birmingham, who was also involved with Bilal Mahruf received suspended sentence of 14 months for 2 years. Both partners were caught red handed in Hendford Drive, in the Pollard Park area of Bradford. Irfaan Tariq who was driving the car and struck a police vehicle while trying to escape, but policemen broke their car windows and arrested both.

Police recovered about 100 wraps of cocaine and 100 wraps of heroine from Bilal Mahruf.

Irfaan Tariq said in court that he hired a car and came in Bradford to attend a wedding ceremony and came out to with Bilal to for a haircut. But Mahruf took him to the place where he wanted to supply drugs.

While barrister of Bilal said, Bilal was in dept and to pay it he started selling class A drugs. ilal Mahruf, 25, was sentenced for 4 years while Irfaan Tariq of Birmingham was sentenced 1 year and two months, suspended for 2 years.

News Source / Credit: The Telegraph & Argus