Big Words by District Govt. Mirpur but No Actions

Mirpur business hub was to have a parking lot built ages ago to cater growing city need to park cars and relieve the stress on traffic. Yet no foundation of this parking lot has been laid down.

As a rising Metropolitan city Mirpur is center of much business activity. The lack of parking space available made it very difficult for locals to carry out business activity. As a result the Mirpur Development Committee undertook responsibility to overcome this problem by building a parking lot.

But their intentions were not good and merely hoodwinked the Commissioner of Mirpur District. Report of District Management Committee setting up base camp for this parking lot at many locations made to newspaper but these proves to be just reports. No action was taken. As the issue prevails the Commissioner of Mirpur District and Commissioner of Development sector have taken this issue into consideration and assure the troubled public of speedily resolving this issue.

Under the guidance of these committee MirPur will finally get its parking lot as promised.