Big Revelations About Politician, Ijaz Raza Told The Untold

Big revelations about the politician, Ijaz Raza told the untold.

Mirpur, Former candidate for Legislative assembly LA-3 Mirpur says that the commercial shops in New City should be allotted to the unemployed youth, instead of auctioning them. We will not allow any political recruitment and instead of providing employment to candidates of other districts and regions, Mirpur candidates should be given a priority. In old days, officers locked themselves up in offices and victimised the workers, in order to gain employment, this trend will be strongly discouraged.

These views were expressed by Ijaz Raza while meeting a delegation of Mangla Dam which is lead by Ch Hafeez. He vowed to shut down fake schemes and urged the Member assembly to spend the developmental funds in repairing the main Mirpur roads.

Allama Iqbal road is in a state of ruin and is a source of multiple road accidents and is responsible for damaging cars.

The youth of Mirpur should stand by my side so that we can work on the injustices, corruption and re-introducing merit together. The salaries of contract workers should be paid immediately and they should be appointed on permanent basis.

The royalty from Mangla dam should be spent on Mirpur developmental projects and the Mangla dam affectees should be completely inhabited. I will struggle along side the 16000 families who are forced to live in rented houses due to non-allotment of plots.