Bhimber Police heros in uniform fight crime!

Bhimber Police, knight in shining armor, has worked tirelessly keeping crime off the streets. In past few months are a testament to this statement.

SHO City Haji Sikandar Azam, since he assumed office focused on not only controlling street crime but tried to check the ever-growing drug black-market. His efforts yeiled the arrest of many drug sellers that had the protection of influential politicians. The police then destroyed their business and chain of operators.
Black-market sale points in Chanachar, Bhimber Rajani, Bharang and many other areas have been shut down.

Drugs are a taboo in our conservative society and rightfully so. These small capsules of death are the root rising crime levels, increased domestic violence, sexual abuse, unemployment and suicide rate. Once addicted, the journey ridden with failure and despair starts. The addict has no control over his.her actions and due to diminished self control indulges in vice. As these commodity is quite expensive, addicts steal to pay and become criminals. The police actions will hopefully save our youth before they are addicted beyond reclaim.