Bhaloot Pumping Station No. 5 affected by Heavy Rains

The most important, Pumping Station No. 5 Bhaloot, Constructed by the PMU, affected by Heavy Rains

Mirpur- Due to recent heavy rains in district Mirpur of Azad Kashmir, the most important Pumping Station constructed by the PMU, Pumping Station Number 5 Bhaloot has also been affected.

As a result, of the affect on Pumping Station 5, the supply of clean drinking water in Sector B/4, B/3, Khambal, Kalyal, D/4, D/3, D/1 has been affected. The department for Public Health immediately tried to recover the machinery, but the blocked roads have made it impossible to do so..

A spokesperson from the Engineering Section of department of Public Health said that the department is trying its level best to remove the delay in supply of drinking water.