Beggars Take Over Mirpur as Ramzan is Approaching

As Ramzan is right next the corner, beggars have taken over Mirpur. Innocent children and women from different areas of Punjab have camped around Mirpur. The beggars have dispersed in different areas of Mirpur; Mipur Police Plaza, Nangi Shopping Plaza, Mian Muhammad Road, and Chowk Shaheedan.

Children are often seen roaming around Chowk Shaheedan during the day. These professional beggars use cursing as a tool to get money out of the people and also use seduction to make young generation give money. These beggars pester the shopkeepers and customers. Authorities should immediately take an action against them as they are ruining the harmony of Mirpur.

Mirpur which is also known as Mini London is being exploited by these beggars. They take full advantage of rush hour and are also responsible for pocket picking. They also keep track of individuals and their assets and when they get the opportunity, rob them of whatever they have earned.

These beggars also use their children as an asset so that people give them money out of pity. An appeal is given to different authorities of Mirpur to get rid of these beggars.