Beggar tried to make off with lady’s purse in broad daylight-Jaltan Baazar

Lady shopping in Jaltan Bazaar made victim of robbery in broad daylight as a beggar tried to make away with her purse.

The said lady was shopping like any other day when suddenly her purse was snatched. Her loud screams and shrieks alerted nearby people who rushed to save damsel in distress. The culprit was caught by people and then they proceeded to beat him black and blue.

Beggars have included bazaars in their ever expanding domain. It is very difficult to shop. The moment they see a woman opening her purse they hound around her, vultures to a carcass, that she is forced to pay shopkeeper along with the beggars just to make them back off. They have stepped up their antics and now have started to steal from innocent, unsuspecting ladies. These are the same beggars that hoodwink people into believing they are capable of dark magic and offer their services in that department too. We request local authority to take action against them and their criminal activities.