Barrister Sultan’s Comments on Nawaz Shareef’s speech in General Assembly

Mirpur: Barrister Sultan, former Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir and now PTI Azad Kashmir President, comments on Nawaz Shareef’s speech in the General Assembly.

He said that although Nawaz Shareef has talked about Kashmir issue in his speech, he needs to take some action against India as well. Because Pakistan and India relationships are not really good. RAW is continuously involved in increasing terrorism in Balochistan. President Obama also said that Pakistan and India needs to talk on Kashmir issue and try to resolve it.
Barrister Sultan also said that Nawaz Shareef had spoken better this time about this issue than he did with his last meeting with Narendar Modi. But still Pakistani and Kashmiri nation’s spirits are not being told completely by Nawaz Shareef. It seems like he is in some kind of pressure.