Barrister Sultan Mahmood Strongly Criticised the Government

Barrister Sultan Mahmood strongly criticised the PPP Government and the friendly opposition by PML(N) after his oath taking ceremony.

Mirpur, Barrister Sultan Mahmood Ch, while talking to the media said that the government wont be able to pass the budget if PML(N) does not cooperate with them. If the budget is not approved then this government wont be able to continue its work. This government can not get the budget approved by itself and PML(N) Azad Kashmir has been equally responsible for the corruption caused by the PPP government.

He said that Political Personalities from all over the province are in contact with PTI and they will be included in PTI on categorical basis. The PTI workers and all those people who want change in Azad Kashmir should prepare for election and PTI will start its Public meetings very soon. There is a high possibility that elections will be held this year and PTI will participate with full strength and will teach a lesson to the corrupt leaders.

He further hoped that as PTI has won the seat from Mirpur, they will also win the Karachi Election with phenomenal victory. The 19th April Karachi Rally will help change the political scenario of the country and I will participate in the rally on behalf of Azad Kashmiri people.

He further said that at this moment Azad Kashmir is in a corrupt, disorganised state and public including the employes are completely disappointed in the government, corruption and lawlessness are at their peak, discouraging all. The government which faces stay orders on 13 out of 20 sectors cannot progress. Corruption and lawlessness are at their peak and have killed the merit. The servants and officers are all subjected to political revenge and there is no one to pay heed to the public. It is important to get rid of such leaders. He further said that the Kashmiri youth should be satisfied that PTI will do justice, ensure merit and fulfill their rights.

The Central leader for PTI and former minister Khawaja Farooq Ahmed and many other prominent leaders addressed as well. Many small rallies from the surrounding areas of Mirpur were also taken out which eventually joined the main procession for reception of Barrister Sultan Mahmood.