Barrister Sultan in trouble! Imran Khan will not tolerate backstabbers

PTI Azad Kashmir (Forward Block) Central Organizer Kursheed Ahmed Abbasi along with Sardar Tariq, Ch Mehmood, Arif Mughal and others addressed a press conference saying that Barrister Sultan’s Central Executive committee was completely false body and any of its ruling would not be taken into consideration.

Anyone who allows himself to be beguiled by Barrister Sultan’s politics is in for a rude awakening. These individuals need to wipe the fog in front of their eyes and join PTI. Masdaq Khan, Lataf ur Rehman and Sardar Baber should not be included in forward block. In the next 7 days we will see many prominent politicians becoming a part of forward block.

Imran Khan is aware of all these developments stealing thunder of party. On 5 February 2016 a big decision will be made. No man who is corrupt and wishes ill on the party will not be included in the party. Zafar Anwar and Sardar Imtiaz Kharbani have been accused to try to destroy PTI. PTI is the result of countless hours and efforts of many to make the dreams of all come true. We will not tolerate vultures preying on it.