Barrister Sultan claims that PTI will dominate all in the next AJK Elections

PTI will clean sweep All in the next Election in AJK, says Barrister Sultan Mahmood

Mirpur, The former Prime Minister Azad Kashmir and President PTI Azad Kashmir, Barrister Sultan says the results of Mirpur Bi-election have paved way for new political scenario in Azad Kashmir. As people of Azad Kashmir have rapidly adopted the revolutionary slogan of PTI, similarly PTI will dominate other parties in the next AJK Election.

The people of Azad Kashmir have rejected the corrupt Majeed government along with their contributors, PML(N). I have revealed the corruption done by Abdul Majeed’s government in the last 3½ years and will continue to do so. I am proud that I am PTI’s first successful Assembly member in Azad Kashmir and the only member who has won the election 7 times.

Peoples Party, now does not belong to Bhutto Shaheed but is now lead by Zardari and Faryal, if it has remained Bhutto’s party then I would never have left it. Peoples party has been involved in 200 Crore Rupees of corruption in their 3½ year corruption in Jinnah Model Town. MUST University and Hydal Projects are all tinted by similar Corruption and now the contract for Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Medical College, Mirpur will be given to the notorious and corrupt Nissan Engineerring. Whether in or out of Assembly, I will continue to stand against such corruption.

As PTI, under the dynamic leadership of Imran Khan has defeated the Nawaz-Zardari Partnership, similarly they will clean sweep the next Azad Kashmir election.

We are going to organise Million Marches in various countries of the world every year, like London, America, France, Belgium and various other countries to highlight the importance of Kashmir Issue. Barrister Sultan expressed these views while presiding a press conference attended by the member of House of Lords in Britain Lord Nazeer Ahmed, PTI Kashmir Coordinator Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Former member Kashmir Council Hameed Pothi, Former Advisor Sardar Imtiaz Khan, Former Advisor for Government Ch Ikhlaq, Chief Organiser Ch Zafar Anwar, Khawaja Atta Mohiuddin Qadari, Ch Shaban, Zia Gorsi, Zahid Hashmi, Sardar Attiq Sakhawat, Ch Mansha, Sardar Imtiaz Ahmed, Party Workers and Senior Kashmiri Journalists.

At this occasion, Former government Minister Sardar Asghar Afandi, General Secretary PP Mirpur Division Syed Mazhar Kazmi, Former candidate of PML(N) from Rawalakot Sardar Abid, PSF and Chairman People’s Youth Wing Zaheer Abbas Ch, Mazhar Kazmi, Sardar Naseem, Zia Gorsi, Ch Zaheer Abbas, Qazi Shamim, Abdul Ghafoor Abbassi and others declared to join PTI.

Barrister Sultan thanked the new members and said party would strengthen further with their inclusion.He said that my election was closely watched by both Nawaz Sharif and Narinder Moodi and they wanted me to loose but all praise to the Almighty who helped me win and people showed their confidence in me. I am the only member of Azad Kashmir Assembly who resigned from his seat and was reappointed with an overwhelming mandate. Now Abdul Majeed will have to deal with a real opposition.

Lord Nazeer while addressing the conference said that Kashmiris all over the world are happy with the success of Barrister Sultan.The Coordinator for PTI Kashmir Ghulam sarwar Khan said that he congratulates Barrister Sultan and PTI workers on winning the first seat in Azad Kashmir. It shows that people of Azad Kashmir are in agreement with the vision of Imran Khan and want change like the people of Pakistan. PTI will defeat Nawaz Zardari partnership in the nest election as well.