Bank Manager’s Extramarital Affair Exposed who has Children without Nikah in Mirpur

Manager of “Bank of Punjab” who has been involved with a Girl in an Extra-Marital Affair since long, and has children from affair is highlighted by a Journalist in Mirpur.

The Bank Manager and the Girl had fights in past regarding to give children his name which were solved in Police Station and even in Courts in presence of respectable persons, but now Bank Managers has denied to accept that children belongs to him and refused for DNA test to prove it.

Local News Paper “Jammu and Kashmir Times” published this news despite the efforts from Two Seniors Journalists who remain Presidents of Kashmir Press Club, Mirpur in past years.

Both Ex Presidents of Kashmir Press Club, Mirpur tried to hide the facts and even filed fake case against Bureau Chief of Jammu Kashmir Times to pressurize him. According to Source One Ex President of Kashmir Press Club, Mirpur got a Car leased from the Bank Manger as bride and has assured the Manager that none of his scandals will be published in News Papers.

Bank Manger Neither agree to give children his name nor accepted girl as his wife on other side he has given bribe to journalists to get him out of this scandal.

After this Scandal is reported the public is not only angry to the Bank Manager but it has revealed them the other side of journalism, where they blackmail others and hide truth for money.

Bank Manager's Scandal in Mirpur

Bank Manager’s Scandal in Mirpur