Banaras Ali Ch, 42, died of Heart Attack in Abbingdon St, Bradford

Ch Banaras Ali died of Heart Attack in Bradford

Ch Banaras Ali died of Heart Attack in Bradford

Mohammed Banaras Ali 42 (Bussi-Buster) S/O Ch Nawaz Ali [Abbingdon St, Bradford/Kharak, PK] Has Sadly Passed Away of heart attack. Janaza To Be Confirmed yet. Dua At Jamia Mosque Hanfia, Carlisle Rd, Bradford, BD8 8AW.

His father Ch Nawaz travelling back from Pakistan to Bradford to attend the funeral of his son. People took social media to pay him tribute.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayi rajioon. May Allah Tallah bless him with a place in Janat and give family sabar. Life is 2 short was shocked wen I read about it.

Will miss you my dear brother/friend I will always live with the treasured memories I shared with you when I lived in Bradford at Springcliffe.

RIP my bro Banaras most kind most humble & most nicest persons I’ve known. No flaws seen in him at all. Allah swt seems to call good people first & leaves the rest of us to behave & adjust & sets another example for us it cud be u or me next. May Allah swt grant my bro the highest rank in paradise & give all his family sabar aameen

Another reminder that death is to sure come for us all. Just like we are now, breathing, walking, talking…he and many others once were whom now lay still not able to utter another single word. Thoughts and duas go out to his family/loved ones.

May Allah swt grant him ease in every trial to come and grant him a blissful akhirah in the gardens of firdous. ..Ameen Sum Ameen.

May Allah swt make it easy upon us all when our time calls to leave this world and may He swt raise us amongst those whom He swt is best pleased with….Ameen Sum Ameen.

Jav Sulemaan Said:
An amazing brother, for those fortunate to know him.
He was one of those gems, that we wouldn’t know of.
The amount of work he has done to help others, the most needy is truly mind blowing.
A humble request to make Dua for him and his family.
We will also be doing a few projects for him In Sha ALLAH
The way he beautifully helped the Ummah, we will forever remember that.

Mo Anjum
I had the pleasure of going to Palestine with him in 2009 on a humanitarian mission. Ya Allah have mercy on his soul and grant him Jannah