Baker Girl Conned Women out of Money to Teach Them Baking Classes in Rochdale, Manchester

Click here to see the List of Victims of Hina Rasool, Scammed by her 1-1 Class at “Desserts by Hina” in Manchester.

Hina Rasool a very well known talented baker, in Manchester and wife of Umar Asia Nazir ASIA restaurant has been scamming people for years and is making out she is the victim.

Whilst very talented, and offering some great classes – there are growing numbers of people who she has taken deposits from, cancelled classes often on the day, then refused to refund the money, repeatedly ignored and then actively blocked from all means of communication with her. This group is simply to warn others.

Girls have Setup a Facebook page to expose her and to take their refund.

Below is the message from one of Victim named Nadia Khan: as it is

Hi can you post this on your wall please as Hina rasool (very well known talented baker, wife of Umar Asia Nazir ASIA restaurant) has been scamming people for years and is making out she is the victim.

In response to a recent message posted by Hina, which she later removed/ made private from public post: as she has prevented us from responding we have done so below! Where there is a will there is a way! Once again we stress our reason for taking to social media is to get our deposits back. We are not interested in her life, her success, or anything else. Our only interest is our refunds!

1) ‘These girls who have been posting since my wedding’
Our complaints with you started as far back as 2014 way before you were married. Not sure what your being married has to do with this mess you have created?

2) ‘I have been running a cake business/teaching since 2013, taught over 1800 women’

That’s wonderful that you have managed to teach so many, lucky them but that’s not the point here – we are not debating how many you have taught but how many you have not taught and let down ‘repeatedly’, ignored, and failed to refund. Perhaps if you paid more attention to your bookings, you would spend much less time and energy thinking up new excuses to cancel classes!

3) ‘I will always go that extra mile when I see a lady has a huge passion in the business by either offering them extra classes free of charge or just by staying hours later than expected’

It’s very generous of you to offer so many free classes. In fact almost all of us here have been offered a free 1:2:1 iced class by you to make up for not delivering our booked class. It’s just such a shame that these free classes don’t materialise. And if what you are saying is true then frankly speaking how inconsiderate of you to leave so many women hanging for a class they have paid for while you offer free classes to others! We all had a huge passion! We followed your work and were keen to learn from you but your behaviour has killed that passion. Thanks!

4) About your pregnancy! Genuinely, however many months you are or aren’t – we wish you a healthy pregnancy inshallah. But frankly speaking it’s of no interest to us when you got married, when you are due, or anything in relation to your personal life. It is you who bought your personal life into your business by the bizarre personal excuses you concoct with each cancellation. We would urge you not use an innocent in your lies.

5) ‘I’ve had approx 6 fake accounts’

You may have fake accounts – but you also have one real account on facebook, one real account on instagram and 2 mobile numbers that you have consistently used over the last few years. We have all contacted you on your ‘real’ facebook account/mobile number, via which we have received your bank details, paid our deposits and thereafter received cancellations after cancellations while watching you post photos of completed classes with other students. We are blocked so cant contact you to ask for our money back, you then share alternative versions of what is happening on your social media presenting yourself the victim when it is you who has victimised so many. Granted you have finally paid ‘some’ people back after making them practically beg you for years, some for months. And then there are so many still waiting!

6) ‘Ladies who are still posting messages in regards to me not refunding be honest show your refunds’

Well firstly Hina, we’re blocked (thank you for the gesture!) Secondly how on earth does one ‘show your refund’ when you haven’t actually refunded us? However to humour this bizarre request we can show history of transfers between us and you, which will show a deposit was paid but no money came back from you. Here’s an idea, why don’t you show us your bank statements to confirm the refunds?

7) ‘Show me where i have scammed you/defrauded you/refused you a refund’

We did show you by posting our history of conversations but which you quickly reported and had many taken down. If we are lying show your bank statements! Those you have refunded you have done so after ridiculous lengths of time, let’s see your statements showing when deposits were paid and when you refunded them for classes YOU cancelled

8) ‘I work extremely hard, sometimes work double classes, teach all day, all week without taking a day off. So don’t take what I have worked so hard for just because you haven’t done the same’

Seriously Hina!! It’s you who has taken our hard earned money, money that we could have spent on our families, our children. The word ridiculous doesn’t even begin to cover your statement

9) ‘The girls who have started all this have family and friends who have personally messaged me to advise me to ignore them … once again your alternative versions of reality emerge. All of what you have written yesterday is a lie why would this be any different

Hina, the lies you tell are some of the most extreme anyone has heard. Now that all these lies have come to light, rather than own up you are weaving a bigger web of deceit and mixing fact with fiction. It’s disturbing! We don’t understand why you would do all this. You’re clearly very talented. You’re wonderful to some delivering great classes to them. But then you also show rude and unapologetically arrogant behaviour to others. Cancelling classes on the day, taking deposits but not refunding them, ignoring all contact irrespective of how polite and patient people have been with you and how understanding they have been when presented with your tragic lies and then ultimately blocking them. It’s disgusting and hurtful behaviour.

Despite this – most girls are forgiving, and just want an apology and their refunds. You have a non-refundable policy on deposits when classes are cancelled by the student – that’s fine and has to be honoured. However in most cases that have come forward, you cancelled the classes and we have the screenshots to prove this. Do the right thing don’t keep what is not rightfully yours, process the refunds

Click here to see the List of Victims of Hina Rasool, Scammed by her 1-1 Class at “Desserts by Hina” in Manchester.