Unhygienic and old meat being sold in markets

In Chichyah Bazaar, Pal Mindh Bazaar, meat of old and sick animals is being sold. The shopkeepers feel no calms in selling such meat to people that has potential to make them sick.

The people of Khari Shareed are very much distressed by overpriced fruits, vegetables and meat being sold in the local market. Restaurants, hotels, bakeries, fast food outlets etc. too selling substandard food item. Even in Darbar Khari Shareef surrounding, is dotted with vendors selling bad quality samosas, pakoray and other food items at high prices.

The district management in order to try to control the situation gives the guilty party a fine of Rs 100 or 200 but this doesn’t stop them. They have also clearly given a rate list which is blatantly disregarded by sellers. Food Inspector and district management efforts are just contained to newspaper reports and paperwork. As if that alone will change the scenario.

District management and related authorities need to step up their game. Food hawkers pose a serious health hazard to people. It is apparent that monetary fine is not enough to waken the dead conscious of sellers. More stringent steps must be taken to control the situation.