Babar Ali Chaudary, 32, father of 3, Committed Suicide in Mirpur

Babar Ali Chaudary, 32, son of Master Mubarak Ali resident of Samwal Sharif Village near Khari, District Mirpur committed suicide by hanging himself on family disputes.

Babar Ali Ch who committed Suicide in Samwal Shairf, Mirpur

Babar Ali Ch who committed Suicide in Samwal Shairf, Mirpur

Afzalpur police arrive on the scene and started investigation of the case, the deceased was father to 3 children. He was son of Head Master Govt. High School Samwal Shairf named Mubarik Ali Chudary.

Babar was described as very down to earth man and as per his family members he was under depression from last many days.

He locked his room door from inside, after few hours when he was not opening the door his family members break into room and found dead body of Babar Ali hanging with ceiling fan.

A large number of people gathered at deceased’s home after news break into the village. Every one was said on sudden death of a young man.

He left 3 little children behind him. Every one in the area is shocked on suicide of such a young and educated man who belong to an educated family.

May Allah Give Hidiyat and show all of us the right path. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.