Azad Kashmir, Brave officers of Jatlan Police send back Punjab Police Empty Handed

Innocent person arrested in Jatlan, and the brave police force of Jaltan stopped Punjab Police in their action.

Azad Kashmir, Jatlan police stopped Punjab police in its tracks, and convinced them to let go of the innocent resident of Bachron Village.

The locals have appreciated this brave act by the police officers of Jatlan.

According to sources, Punjab police did not inform the local police before they arrived in Azad Kashmir, and arrested a local.

The news got to the Jatlan police by a powerful local, and the police came to the rescue.

The two men who were arrested by Punjab Police were with them when Jaltan police stopped them, and asked for the proof of arrest.

The police checked and they did not have any probable cause to arrest the two men, on which they demanded for the locals to be released.