Authorities are taking Steps to remove all Illegal Settlements: DC Mirpur

Deputy Commissioner Ch Mohammad Tariq said that on the instructions of PM Azad Kashmir Illegal Settlements from all over the District should be removed and Authorities are doing their best to achieve this goal with the help of Police, Authority and other related authorities.

The Clause 144 is applied from Chungi to Khaliq Abad Road on opening car workshops, tyre shops and other illegal temporary shops. And check posts will be made by Developmental Authorities , Municipal Corporation and District Council, so as to stop the movement of wild animals on road in Chungi to Khaliq Abad and Mangla Mirpur Road and other city roads. Roaming animals will be caged in the checkpost for a limited time and till then their owner can free them and take them back after paying fine, but if they fail to do so within the given timeperiod their animals will be soldand no excuse will be accepted.

The DC was addressing a Conference against Illegal Settlements. Additional Deputy Commissioner General Raja Imran Shaheen, Assistant Commissioner Ch Amjad Iqbal, Tehsildr Raja Ayz, DSP Raja Azhar Iqbal, Cheif Officer Raja Mohammad Rafique, State Officer Ashfaq Ahmed Noor, District Information Officer Mohammad Jawed Malik, Senior Inspector MDA Shahid Jaral also attended the conference.

Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Tariq said addressing the related authorities to act upon the order of PM Azad Kashmir and Plant Shady and Flowerbearing Trees alongside the Mangla Mirpur Road and Chungi to Khaliq Abad Rod. Illegal settlements are strictly prohibited and the existing workshops Tyre shops and others should be immediately removed. The Municipal Corporation, Developmental Authority and District Council should keep an eye in their respective areas and also take steps to improve health and cleanliness in their areas.

The authority of the rea will be held responsible for any breach in the area. Checking should be done on regular basis in order to achieve a clean healthy Mirpur.