Auqaf Department Issued New Contracts of Darbar Khari Sharif to Favorite Contractors

Auqaf Department, Azad Kashmir Issued the New Contracts of Darbar Khari Sharif to their favorite Contractor, without filing the Tenders. This step caused a loss of millions of Rupees to the Government.

According to details, last year the contract for Goats and sheep was given for 1.5 billion Rupees and the tender for fodder was given for 35 million rupees. This year both these Contracts have been issued to the favorite Contractors by taking heavy bribes and without filing any tenders. According to details from inside that the government has suffered huge loss as a result of such an act.

The Public, Social, Welfare sectors are demanding from Minister Auqaf and all Higher Authorities to immediately take action and end the existing Contractors and allot them through Tenders. Moreover, sources report that in the Darbar area same Individuals are repeatedly appointed which is bid reason for corruption and favoritism in the Department and are also responsible for all the financial indiscipline, resultantly, the Department has to suffer heavy losses in the Income from the Darbar area. The major part in this Loss is of those Employees who issue the Contracts to their favorite Contractors without filing the Tender.