Assistant Commissioner takes action against those violating the Fare list

Assistant Commissioner begins the action to strictly implement Fare lists and punish the violators

Mirpur, Assistant Commissioner Raja Qaiser Aurangzeb did the traffic checking at the point of Khaliqabad alongside police. During checking, he checked the route permits of various vehicles, driving licenses and the implementation of government prescribed Fare lists.

He heavily fined the traffic violators and those charging higher fares from the public. The public transport vehicles who did not have their complete papers with them were fined and warned to keep their route permits with them in future.

All the violators of traffic signals, overloaders and overchargers will be fined and strictly punished by law. Asst. Commissioner Raja Qaiser instructed the transport Owners to keep a track of the fitness of their vehicles and obey all the traffic rules. He also asked the passengers to immediately informed the authorities in case any transport owner are overcharging or violating traffic rules. These violation are a source of traffic accidents that result in loss of precious lives.