Assistant Commissioner and Sub Divisional Magistrate, to Investigate Sui-Gas Officials

Assistant Commissioner and sub divisional magistrate made an unannounced visit to the sui-gas office.

Raja Aurangzeb,  made an unannounced visit to the local sui-gas office where he saw that more than half of the staff was out.

When he checked the attendance register, he saw that workers have not been regular. That is when he decided to keep the attendance register for proof, and to look into matters further.

He also warned the officials that attendance of these hired officials should be 100%, and who are not bothered enough to show up on office time will face charges.

He added that the office was built to help the local residents with issues related to the sui-gas company, and they are not doing their job properly.

He will take strict notice regarding the attendance of workers, and is investigating on the matter.