Anwar jailed for 2 years for forcing Girlfriend to get bums like Kim Kardashian

27 years old Mohammed Anwar, from Sheffield, is jailed for 2 years forcing his girlfriend Gemma Doherty to get a huge ass like Kim Kardashian. He forced to eat specific food and to do grueling exercises.

Mohammed Anwar tried to control every aspect of Gemma Doherty’s life and forced her to wear, eat, drink and whatever he likes for her. Even Mohammad Anwar held a knife to Miss Doherty’s throat and threat her to kill her and told her he is not scared of any punishment after killing her.

Gemma Doherty even tried to commit suicide and took 18 sleeping pills.

In Sheffield Crown Court he was charged as per new law of controlling or coercive behavior, for one year further year and a half for the attacks on his girlfriend including criminal damage and assault.