Another Cruel step by WAPDA, Current Bills include the increased Rates

WAPDA has decided to receive back the amount given to Mangla Dam affected with interest. The current Bill issued to the Mirpur resident includes the additional raised amounts. The whole city is protesting against the raised bills. The leadership of Mirpur, the Traders Union and the Mirpur Bar remained the silent spectators. There is no political heir for Mirpur people. The PM Azad Kashmir is also silent despite receiving several complaints. WAPDA should come to its senses as people will not bear this cruelty anymore and will protest on roads.

According to details, the Bills issued by the Billing Authority contain the raised amounts from Rs.3 per unit to Rs.12 per unit. The raised amounts have been implemented by WAPDA without any cause. At one side there is no electricity available and on the other hand the unit prices are increases every other day. Thus the citizens are robbed in every way.

The public sector Mirpur strongly condemns the increase in Bills and warned that if WAPDA did not watch its step then strong protests will be held and the people will come out on roads and will torch the office and that actions responsibility will be solely on WAPDA. They said that their political leaders, traders union associate, Mirpur bar did not raise a voice for them.

According to the people, the WAPDA buys the electricity from Mirpur at Rs.3 per unit and resell it to Mirpur residents at Rs.12 per unit, which is a huge injustice to the people. They said if the Mirpur City had a Political Heir he should have condemned this act. The public sectors are demanding for PM Azad Kashmir to remind WAPDA of the sacrifices of the people of Mirpur and immediately take back the decision of increased Bill Rates.