Angry Wife Set Husband’s House on Fire and Fled Away in Kotli

In Kerala Dhara village of Nakyal District Kotli Azad Kashmir, a woman is accused of setting house on fire and then fled to her parents home in Khuiratta. House and its belongings burnt to ashes, Police was called on the scene, who has stated investigation.

Wife Set Husband's House on Fire and fled to Her Parent's Home in Kotli

Wife Set Husband’s House on Fire and fled to Her Parent’s Home in Kotli

According to details, Sardar Mazher Iqbal owner of house has accused his wife who set his house on fire. Sardar Mazher Iqbal was living in the house with her parents and brothers, father named Sardar Iqbal and brother named Sardar Bostan Iqbal, which caught fire and suddenly fire spread and burnt every thing in to ashes.

Local villagers and residents of house gathered to control the fire but remain unsuccessful. At first it was though that electricity short circuit had caused fire in the house.

But later when family members could not find wife of Sardar Mazher Iqbal at the incident, then they tried to search for her and later it was revealed she has left for her parents house.

Sardar Mazher Iqbal nominated his wife in police report for setting his house on fire. Police has registered FIR and started investigation of case from all aspects.