Angry Protesters Mark a Week and Demanded Justice for Yassar Yaqub on Monday, 9 Jan

Angry protesters blocked the M62 motorway on Monday evening to mark a week since police shot and killed Yassar Yaqub.

They marched down the dual carriageway to Huddersfield in West Yorkshire and protested outside Huddersfield police station.

The coroner said Yassar was shot in the chest three times. Is it because he’s Muslim? Is it because he’s black? Absolutely. This was a race-related incident. It was pre-planned and we see it as a pre-planned assassination.

Angry protesters pointed to the similarities between Yassar’s killing and killing of Mark Duggan in Tottenham, north London, in 2011. They said, next it could be us, or our family member or a friend.

They said, we will not sit quite or let it go under the carpet, we will demand justice for Yassar, we need to speak up now.

Whatever Yassar’s background and whatever he’s done has nothing to do with it. There are a lot of drug dealers around West Yorkshire. But not everyone id shot dead ? They could have easily arrested him. There was no reason to shoot.

Killing of Yassar Yaqub has led to many questions and spread anger at the police. It has led the British Pakistani Muslim Community to think, about police is Anti Muslims or Anti Asians ?

Original News Source: Socialist Worker