Angry Amir Khan threatens to cut off WIFE and PARENTS over feud and Destroying his name

Boxer Amir Khan finally speaks up for the family feud, the former world champion threatened to cut both his parents and his wife out of his life for destroying his name.

I apologise on the silly picture and message my wife Faryal put up. Here is me working my a** off helping the less fortunate with charity dinners and my family and wife are just destroying my name. I didn’t want to get involved in this mess. There is NO reality television show. My parents are my parents and my wife is my wife. Whatever misunderstanding has happened they should keep it private. This is getting to the point where they will lose a son and a husband. Childish behaviour. Both parties need to stop this.

Faryal just apologized for posting the nude attributing it to anger taking over her, she removed the naked image from her Snapchat story and apologized to her followers and fans for posting the image.

In her Snapchat Faryal says, “I wanted to apologize for the picture I uploaded earlier, I was a bit angry and I felt like I needed to justify myself.”

I was just getting so stressed out reading the comments of people talking about my dressing. Not realising anger took over and that it would hurt so many of my followers, and the young girls that follow me – I really do apologise.