Amir Shehzad dies in road accident-Samahni

Senior journalist Muhammad Ameen Adeeb son dies in Road accident

Amir Shehzad son of Muhammad Ameen Abeeb suffered in a road accident. He died on the spot. His Namaz e Janazah was held on 14 January 2016 at 1:30 pm in Samahni. He was the only son and child of his parents who are deeply grieved at the loss of their young child.

Samahni is perhaphs the most beautiful valley in Azad Kashmir. Its rugged terrain and scenic mountains make it an ideal tourist spot. However we often see young people taking a turn too fast or cutting a corner. These antics are very dangerous even more so in mountainous regions.Road accidents are a result of people disregarding traffic rules and regulations. And this death is no different.

We cannot imagine the horror the parents must feel when they have to bury the body of their beloved young child. No parent should have to bury his son/daughter in his lifetime. Following traffic rules and regulations is important. Otherwise we put not only ourselves but those too around us in danger.