Amir Khan’s Parents speak out after their Daughter-in-Law’s Allegations

Finally Faryal’s Father in Law Sajjad Shah Khan and Mother in Law Falak Khan speaks to Pakistani Media and International Media against their Daughter-in-Law Faryal Makhdoom’s Allegations made on Social Media.

Amir Khan’s mother and mother in law of Faryal Makhdoom, Falak Khan told media, I asked her not to wear naked western dresses and to take the dupatta as i ask my both daughters, but she never listened. After that, I asked my son Amir but he told me to convey this message to Faryal’s mother because she does not listen to him either.

Amir Khans’s Mother claims, Faryal never liked to mix with our family and called us “Pandoo (backward) People” to be mixed with, she never liked to go out with us. While talking to media with tears in her eyes, she said “aren’t Pandoo or Muslims ? aren’t Pandoo people are Human Beings. If we are Pandoo, then we gave birth to her husband Amir Khan whom she admire and loves.”

Faryal Father in Law Shah Khan said, Faryal is doing all this stuff to gain publicity. If she was abused or tortured then any hospital must have a record she need to show with proof. He said she was adopting a dress code which in the Islamic faith was not acceptable. We only express the concerns over her pictures in such dressing which she shared on social media.

For the Complete Statement of Amir Khan’s Father visit the link Statement from Amir Khan’s Father against False Accusations by Faryal Makhdoom