Amir Khan’s Father reply to Faryal after she appeared on ITV’s This Morning Show

Boxer Amir Khan’s father appeared to BBC Asian Network and responding to Faryal Makhdoom after she appear on the ITV’s This Morning show and spoke once again against her In-laws. He said feud with Faryal is an embarrassment for Khan Family and he hopes the matter would now reach an end.

He said Faryal Makhdoom posted naked pictures of Haroon Khan which left many of Amir’s fans angry and many more across the world siding with Amir’s family. It’s an embarrassment to be honest.

He told his son Amir Khan asked them to stop every thing and drop the ball in Faryal’s court and see what she gonna do next, and she appeared on international television and spoke once again against in Laws.

If she had any decency to patch things up, she should have picked up our phone calls and would have ended up the feud, whatever she has done, she has done it already, she don’t need to mess the things anymore. This is the last piece I am going to do with anybody. We don’t want to get involved.

But she never picked our call, he told BBC Asian Network communication between Amir Khan’s family and Faryal, she started it, she should call us for apologize as she is the one who has abused the family.

Shah Khan said, I want this feud to reach an end and I hope this matter comes to an end. I don’t want any more of this crap flying around. Faryal needs to stop all this and answer our call or call us and apologise for what she did.