Amir Khan Drops his Family from Backroom Following Painful Family Bust-Up

Amir Khan wants his relatives at fights as just fans in future as he plans a May comeback, for that he has dropped his father Shah Khan as part of his overhaul of his management team following the savage rift which has threatened to tear his family apart.

Amir Khan’s father Shah Khan has been his manager throughout his amateur and professional career, but after Shah Khan has criticised Khan’s wife Faryal in the bitter and very public row between her and his family, and the former world champion felt he needed to take a step back.

Amir Khan left a message “My dad is not going to be negotiating fights”

“I love my family to bits, but my business is boxing and I’ll have a different team to do that.

My dad, my mum, I respect them. I want a family relationship with them rather than a business relationship. They’ll be at my next fight, hopefully. I will invite them.

When you mix the two it can get a bit difficult. That’s why I want to keep them separate.

Amir Khan admits the feuding has hurt him deeply.