Amar Waqar & Arslen Shoukat Jailed for Killing a Man by dangerous driving in Slough

Amar Ali Waqar, 23, from Queens Road, Slough and Arslen Shoukat, 33, of St Pauls Avenue, Slough sentenced for 11 years for causing death by dangerous driving which took life of 62 year old man on Bath Road, Slough, on Monday, December 7, 2015 at around 2.30pm.

Amar Ali Waqar was driving Audi TT at 80mph in 40mph limit, racing with racing Arslen Shoukat who was driving white BMW at same speed. Both crashed into Gold Volvo driver resulting his death.

During trial Amar Ali Waqar told court that he thought he was being chased by somebody who had sent him threatening message.

But the jury found them by CCTV footage and other evidence that they are telling fake stories and were actually racing on a busy road with school kids and cyclist.

Both Amar Waqar & Arslen Shoukat found guilty unanimously by jury following an 11-day trial at Reading Crown Court.

Amar Ali Waqar was jailed for 7 years and Arslen Shoukat was jailed for 4 years at Reading Crown Court. Judge urge all young drivers and motorists to think about how they are driving and consider other road users, their mistake can put a life lasting impacts on some families.

Original News Source: Slough Observer