All those Divorce Rumours and What is being said in the Media is not True: Faryal Makhdoom

Today Boxer Amir Khan alongside his wife Faryal Makdoom in San Francisco appeared on This Morning together, vowing to stand by one another through turbulent times.

Boxer Amir Khan said: “He love his wife, and and love his family. Their marriage is brilliant, it’s going really well.

The couple said, “Everything is fine between with us.”

Faryal Said: “All those divorce rumours and what is being said in the media is not true. We just want to show that our marriage is fine and we are doing quite well.”

She said, someone is bring the past of Amir Khan up to let him down, but i stand with Amir.

When Amir Khan was questioned about the Skype Video, he said, “It is something that happened a long long time ago. This was well before my marriage. It’s come out now. It’s trying to put me down. But my focus is in next fight.

Faryal said: “We’re here to show that all the divorce rumours aren’t true. We’re not here to cause problems – we just want to show that our marriage is fine and we’re doing well.

Regarding the vide, she said, it is someone close to family who did this, and especially the at this time, when family is already going through tough time, who ever has done this, did it for a reason.